Warming up for the first Meeting of China-India High-Level People-to-People and Cultural Exchange Mechanism

New Delhi (India): The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in India and Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL) jointly organized China-India Youth Dialogue 2018 on Friday November 16th at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in India.

Chinese Ambassador to India H.E. Luo Zhaohui and Chairman of the Confederation of Young Leaders Mr.Himadrish Suwan presided over the dialogue. The Youth Dialogue offered a platform for young people to exchange ideas, learn from each other, enhance mutual understanding and friendship. Later this year, a 200-Chinese-youth delegation will also visit India. All these are warm-up steps to the first meeting of China-India High-level People-to-People and Cultural Exchange Mechanism. The establishment of the mechanism was a part of consensus of Wuhan Informal Summit.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi sent his congratulatory note for the dialogue. PM Modi mentioned “The dialogue will provide a platform for the youth of both nations to build a ‘Great Wall of Trust and Cooperation’ between the two countries.”Minister of Commerce & Industry & Civil Aviation Shri Suresh Prabhu and some Governors and Chief Ministers from different states also sent their congratulatory messages.

Ambassador Luo delivered the keynote address. Luo stressed that youth were the pioneers and driving force to enhance cultural exchanges between China and India, and the future of China-India relations also lies in the hands of youth.China and India relations have entered the fast track of development since our two leaders held Wuhan Informal Summit in April this year. The sound bilateral relations and friendly cooperation have provided solid basis and opportunities for youth exchanges between our two countries. China and India need more concrete measures to enhance the youth exchanges. First, the interaction with CYL should be more often and should be regularized. Second, we need to expand the scope of exchanges among the youth and arrange some dialogues with the big cities. Third, we shall encourage more exchange programs in sports and movie industry. Fourth, we shall encourage more India engineers to work in China and more India students to work in Chinese enterprises in India. Fifth, we shall encourage more Indian students to study in China and more Chinese students to study in India. Sixth, we will work with the Indian government to map out a Plan for Youth Exchanges. Young people need to ask yourselves if you are ready to take over the mission of China-India relations, and what you should and could do for China-India relations.

Guest of Honour Mr. Gagan Malik, renowned Bollywood Star, made warm remarks highlighting the importance of youth exchanges to further promote China-India relations.

Indian and Chinese youth delegates had group discussions and exchanged views on China-India relations and cooperation in the fields of culture and education, trade and investment, science and technology etc. They also enjoyed wonderful performances by some youth delegates and participated actively in Quiz on “Know China and India”.

Chairman of CYL Mr. Suwan introduced that the participants of the Dialogue include group of highly meritorious young individuals which comprise both Young Professionals and Students from top universities like IITs, IIMs, National Law Schools, top Delhi University colleges etc. Meanwhile, President of CYL and grandson of former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri Sameep Shastri made closing remarks, stressing that India and China both have huge youth potential which lies in the demographic dividend of our respective countries. The Youth Dialogue would be a very important step towards larger leaps that need to be taken to strengthen our bond and foster stronger youth-to-youth partnership.

India-China Amity Booklet was also released and dedicated to all the youth delegates of the Dialogue.

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