Ambassador Zhao Zhaohui attended the function of "Kung Fu Yoga" film screening and delivered a speech

On March 16th, the screening of China-Indian co-production film "Kung Fu Yoga" was jointly organized by Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in India, Indian Council for Cultural Relations and Directorate of Film Festivals, Ministry of Information Broadcasting of India, at the Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi. Ambassador Luo Zhaohui, Minister Liu Jinsong, Namrata S Kumar, Deputy Director of ICCR and Senthil Rajan, Director of DFF attended the event together with more than 400 viewers. Special congratulatory video messages from Jackie Chen and Sonu Sood, two protagonists of "Kung Fu Yoga" were screened during the function.

Ambassador Luo said in his speech that Yoga is not only a physical practice, but also a way to purify people’s soul. It is an Indian cultural heritage with global influence. Today Yoga is so popular in China, many people especially young people practice it, and many Yoga institutes, associations are established. This is one example of people-to-people interaction between China and India.

Ambassador Luo said that in China there are many schools of Kung Fu. The most famous school named Shaolin Kung Fu is believed to be originated from India. The Indian Great Monk Budhidharma traveled to China in early 6th century, just 200 years before Chinese monk Xuanzang to India. Budhidharma meditated for 9 years at Shaolin Temple, and created Shaolin Kung Fu. This is another example for people to people interaction between our two counties.

Ambassador Luo pointed out that the film “Kung Fu Yoga” was co-produced by the artists from China and India and it is a perfect combination of two unique cultural symbols. In China, this film attracted a lot of fans and the box office reached more than 200 million USD. He wished the Indian friends to enjoy it too.

Ambassador Luo said that both India and China are countries with a long history of civilization. Their cultures not only developed independently but also interacted very closely for centuries. China and India learned a lot from each other. Along with the spread of Buddhism, the exchanges in religion, culture, trade and education flourished along the Silk Road and through land and oceans. A few months ago, he visited the Ajanta caves. The architecture, fresco and sculptures reminded him of the Dunhuang Caves in China. China and India should not forget the many people including Budhidharma and Xuanzang, for their historic contribution to the development of cultural exchanges. Their legacy shall be carried forward.

He said more than 1 million people traveled across China and India last year. They are the friendly envoys of our times. He expressed his welcome for more and more people to have two-way visits.

Ambassador Luo finally expressed his thanks to ICCR and DFF for jointly hosting the event, to Kung Fu and film star Jackie Chan, Bollywood star Sonu Sude for preparing the congratulatory video messages and to the viewer for their presence to enjoy the wonderful night together.

Kumar said that the China-India co-production film “Kungfu Yoga” is a symbol of friendship. Kungfu in the film is of China, yoga is of India. These two ancient civilizations could work together to provide the solutions to the world with their own wisdom. She was happy to hear that the film is popular in both countries and that the film was screened even in the third and fourth tier cities in both India and China.

Rajan said that China and India maintain a very close cooperation in the film field in recent years. Last year the first film “Monk Xuanzang”, which was the first one released among the three China-India co-production films, was screened at the BRICS Film Festival and won the Best Director Award. Also last year three Chinese films (“Monk Xuanzang", "Crosscurrent" and “destiny”) were brought to Goa International Film Festival. This film "Kung Fu Yoga" is not only a new starting point for cooperation, but also another embodiment of Sino-Indian friendly relations.

The viewers watched the film with great interest and the auditorium was filled with constant joyful laughter. The function came to an end with warm applause and many viewers swarmed to shake hands with Ambassador to express their congratulations for the success of the event.

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